Expression of feeling and realization of a Bangladeshi


Mohammed Bhuiyan: We are very shocked about an unanticipated current affair; a person who had attempted a suicide bombing in Manhattan, Port Authority Times Square last Monday (12-11-17), Akayed Ullah is of Bangladeshi origin.

This kind of activities is really shameful and threatens us and will sabotage our community. Now this is a vital and crucial issue for all Bangladeshi. We strongly condemn this insane person, Islam is a religion of peace, Islam believes in Philanthropy not Misanthropy.

We don’t want to face and repeat this kind of turmoil situation. Only the parents and family of Ullah know how much painful and suffering.

Now it is our burning question, how we can protect and save our children from this kind of unpleasant and lunatic activities? I think we all parents should counsel our children and over see their daily activities. We have to beware of those fanatics, sanctimonious Muslim who influence, derail and wash our children’s brains.

Our kids were born and brought up here; we are making our bread and enjoying all facilities of this country. Being as Americans, it is our moral and obligatory duty to inform the law enforcement department immediately, if we see or notice any suspicious or terrorist activities.

We don’t want to pollute our peace loving Bangladeshi community atmosphere. We will not tolerate and let any catastrophic scene like this happen again. Due to abnormal people’s activities, we will not let our life become miserable and uncomfortable.

Whoever does not abide by the rules and regulation of America, he does not deserve to be here in this country. We should be united and protest collectively against this wrong doing irrespective of caste and creed.


Mohammed Bhuiyan: Bangladeshi businessman, lives in Kensington, Brooklyn, New York

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